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Re: arsclist Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 16:00:36 -0400

do you mean you want new 78s pressed??

no one offers this, although a guy by the name of dean
blackwood (along with the late john fahey, working
with their revenant label) did get a few 10"
microgroove 78rpm releases pressed somewhere in
california about 5 years ago. they were made of a
compound resembling the old shellac-type disks. i
don't know who did the job (mastering i think was done
in nashville by an old timer with a 78 cutting lathe),
but it shouldn't be too hard to find-- there aren't
many companies pressing 10" vinyl anymore.

if for just general 12" record pressing, record
technology in california is pretty awesome:

others in no particular order include:

europadisk, long island city, ny

wea manufacturing, olyphant, pa

united, tennessee

a+r record and tape mfg., dallas, tx

rainbo, california

trutone, hackensack, nj

music manufacturing services, toronto, canada

i may be missing a couple guys, but the above is about
the only vinyl manufacturers left in north america

hope this is useful

terence keegan, medialine

--- Art Shifrin <goldens2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> Can anyone of you recommend a record pressing plant?
>  We need to make repro's of the 78 rpm disks that
> are the source of announcements in old American
> Flyer "talking stations".  A version of this can be
> seen and heard on my website.
> Choo Choo!
> Best,
> Shiffy
> website: www.shifrin.net

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