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Re: arsclist CD-R compatibility with various CD burners

on 5/17/01 1:48 PM, Brian Levy wrote:

> I wanted to ask for some recommendations from people who unlike myself are
> using CD Testers.  At Kiwat Hasinay we don't yet have grant monies to
> purchase a tester, but plan to, as per advice of a few participants on
> these lists.  

We use the StageTech EC2, and have been pleased with it. There are other
manufacturers of CD testers.

> In the meantime, could I please get some recommendations for
> which _specific_ CD burners seem to perform best with which blank
> media.  

We've used Taiyo Yuden for several years with good results. TY invented the
recordable CD, and supplied Sony for a while.

There are actually three variables: 1) CDR media, 2) recording speed, and 3)
CD recorder. To illustrate how these these three variables interact, point
your browser to


Although the information is now dated, you'll get the idea.

> Right now we are using only Kodak gold (and soon, due to
> discontinued supplies, gold-silver, as discussed a few months ago on this
> list) CD-R's, using computer grade ones, and also Consumer Audio ones.  We
> use a Plextor 8x4x32 internal ATAPI burner for our computer grade burns,
> and also make use of a Harmon Kardon CDR-2 stand-alone burner (which does
> CDR duplications at 1 or 2 or 4x speed) for consumer audio media.  As I
> understand it, there is no archival difference that anyone has mentioned on
> this list between computer-grade and consumer audio media.

Later. Parker

Parker Dinkins                      CD Mastering + Audio Restoration
MasterDigital Corporation               http://www.masterdigital.com

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