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Re: arsclist IPS speed

> I have many oral history tapes recorded at various speeds below 7.5.
> I do have two early 1970's machines that do, but very uneasy about using
> them because of the poor quality.  What makes the speed possible the
> motor that drives the reel at the desired speed or the magnetic head?

Open reel recorders used fixed heads. The tape speed is determined by the
accuracy of the rotating speed of the capstan and the electronics that drive
it, and to a lesser extent the weight of the tape as it shifts from supply
to take up reel.

> Is it possible to replace an old head with a new one on an old reel to
> reel machine?

Yes, it requires a competent technician. He could also check the tape speed
and do maintenance on the transport if required as well as the electronics.

Joe Salerno
Video Works! Is it working for you?
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Fax: 603-415-7616

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