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Re: arsclist Sources for Slotless Reels and Plastic Boxes

Just got 30 10.5 inch reels with slotless hubs from 3M via Coast Recording in Hollywood. I was pleased that the 3M reels were coming with slotless hubs.

If you have a bunch of slotted reels I'm wondering if, at $10 a pop, it's worth changing out the hubs on the reels for slotless hubs. IOW, set up a work party to spool the tapes from slotted reels to slotless reels. Then swap the hubs out on the slotted reels and reassemble. Then use those for the next group of spooling.

Options for spooling depend on the tape, but 30, 45, and 75 i.p.s. (the first two with head contact, the latter with optional head contact) are available on the Sony APR5003V that I use for my archival work. Other machines should be similar.

If you're throwing out slotted aluminum reels I'll pay shipping for some from DC to California and I'll change the hubs over myself <smile>.

On the same subject, what do people do for slotless 7-inch reels, especially large-hub???



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