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Re: arsclist creating sticky shed deterioration

It goes back before 1975.  Del supplied a list of 3M product numbers which
went "bad."  I've listed these is paragraph form on my "Sticky tape" page on
my website, www.soundsaver.com.

Steve Smolian

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Subject: Re: arsclist creating sticky shed deterioration

> on 5/14/01 3:44 PM, Sarah Stauderman wrote:
> We had extensive conversations with Delos Eilers and Bill Lund at 3M's
> Video Technology Lab several years ago on this issue.
> It was their feeling at the time that the mere presence of moisture did
> nothing to hasten the onset of the sticky shed syndrome, but instead it
> caused by the breakdown over time of long chain polymers/molecules which
> invited water/moisture to occupy spaces otherwise not available.
> Mr. Eilers was kind enough to give me a copy of the notes of the speech he
> gave on this topic at an AES meeting. These notes documented his
> times and temperatures for re-curing the binder compound by baking.
> It's important to keep remember that tapes can have many different
> In discussing sticky shed syndrome, you're talking about a specific
> with open reel analog audio tapes manufactured largely in the US between
> 1975 and 1985.
> Later.
> Parker
> Also: http://www.masterdigital.com/24bit/analogtape.html#anchor1163399
> >> Do you think if I leave a reel of 1981
> >> vintage 456 in my bathroom for a month of showers it will be hydrolized
> >> enough?
> >
> > This has been part of the problem for studying tape deterioration:  as
far as
> > I know, no one has been able to create "sticky shed" in the lab.  It
makes it
> > really tough to determine what physical mechanism causes deterioration.
> >
> > As far as the weight and thickness of Pellon (other brand names are
> > and Reemay), I believe that the one used for our experiment was 4 mil
> >
> > Sarah Stauderman
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