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What are Pellon wipes?

Harry Rice
Berea College
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>Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 12:36:56 -0700
>To: Language Laboratories and Archives <language-labs@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>From: "Richard L. Hess" <richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: arsclist sticky shed
>Cc: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Hi, Barbara,
>There are resources on my Web page at http://www.richardhess.com/tape/
>I think at least some of these people deal with sticky shed syndrome.
>VidiPax does it by wiping with Pellon wipes, most of the rest of us bake.
>I've had good results with a whole heap'o'tapes but it's never guaranteed
>and while we all take the utmost care we cannot be held liable for loss of
>the master--I think that's pretty standard.
>If it's only one reel I could look at it for you. If it's much more than
>that, I don't have the time. $100 hour is close to the going rate (I think
>VidiPax charges $95). That's per hour of studio time not per running hour
>of program. My general estimate is that it takes from 4-10x depending on
>what needs to be done and how good you want it. The 6x is typically
>finessing individual dropouts--you've got to find them which means
>listening and watching.
>What is the tape format, what is the tape brand,  how long is it? What's on
>it? what do you want to do with the content?
>I see you're from the language labs. If it's just word and it's a
>continuous tape (no splices) it might not even take 4x. If it is music with
>lots of splices for CD re-release, It generally approaches the 10x figure.
>I've done reel tapes as early as 1947 with some Bing Crosby excerpts on
>them (no sticky shed, but lots of problems) but most of my current work is
>centered on folk music from the 70's and 80's when sticky-shed was at its
>Good luck finding someone to do it!
>At 01:12 PM 05/10/2001 -0500, Language Laboratories and Archives wrote:
> >Hi, We just had a case of sticky shed, and the company we dealt with many
> >years ago is no longer in business. Who are you all working with?
> >
> >Barbara Need
> >UChicago--Language Labs
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For subscription instructions, see the ARSC home page
Copyright of individual posting is owned by the author of the posting and
permission to re-transmit or publish a post must be secured
from the author of the post.

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