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Trade Cooperation in EUROFO.com--A Gateway to chinese Building Material market 20010530 Time:15:07:06

Title: Trade Cooperation in EUROFO.com--A Gateway to Chinese Building Material Market
Welcome to Eurofo.com
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Subject : A Gateway to China Building Materials Market
Date : 20010530

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are a B2B website in the Chinese building materials industry. Up till now, Eurofo.com has witnessed considerable transactions successfully carried out not only on decoration materials such as ceramic tiles, lightings, carpets, doors and floors but also on various kinds of chemical building materials. Eurofo.com has become the best place for small and medium-sized companies to find new buyers and sellers in China. More and more companies from all over the world are registered to Eurofo.com as their first step to reach Chinese audience.We would welcome you to join or website, and please feel free to contact us with questions. With free registration on Eurofo.com, every member can post supplies or demands on the website by themselves. We believe such a relationship may be profitable for both of us.
V Introduction of Eurofo.com
Eurofo.com is dedicated to the import and export of products between China and other countries, playing a major role to bridge the Chinese building materials industry to the global marketplace. Our rich experience in international trade and extensive trade channel enable us to facilitate the trading of large volumes of building materials on behalf of numerous small and medium-sized manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in China.
In the process of developing fruitful cooperation with trade associations and chambers of commerce in the world, Eurofo.com targets to establish strategic business relationship with the leading purchasing and supplying groups and jointly promotes the trade of China building and decoration materials.
Eurofo.com will expand more business opportunities for you through our website promotion in China, thus extending your competitiveness in the world. We hope to establish a friendly business relationship with you on a mutually beneficial basis.
^ We hope you will take the time to appreciate the opportunity inherent in our offer.
Sorry to disturb you. If you don't want to receive our help again, mail to us and we will remove you from our list immediately.
Yours sincerely
Floor 16,No. 511,Weihai Road, Shanghai

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