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Re: arsclist CD-R compatibility with various CD burners

At 01:48 PM 05/17/2001 -0500, Brian Levy wrote:
In the meantime, could I please get some recommendations for which _specific_ CD burners seem to perform best with which blank media.

I have used over a thousand Mitsui Gold and Silver and they work wonderfully in my Yamaha 4260.

I just acquired a Marantz CDR500 2x audio burner that doesn't require special audio discs. It seems to be compatible with the Mitsuis as well.

It is my understanding from my dealer, ttapes.com, that Mitsui is going to continue manufacturing their gold product.

I would suggest trying 50 or so of the Mitsuis and see what you think. You're feedback would be appreciated with your burner.

I am currently testing the KLONE brand (yes, I had to buy 100 of these to actually save more than I spent on the CDs on the Marantz CDR500 from am-dig.com) So far, they seem to work in all the audio players I've tried them in. I've sent two off to people who have known problem players.

I'm not recommending KLONE.COM brand, but it's fun testing a new brand. I did have a few audio CDs on the older Taiyo Yuden blanks that would not play in the problem machines which was how I identified the problem machines. I think I've had more problems with manufactured audio CDs not playing than Mitsui CD-Rs <smile>.



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