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Fw: Affect Update on UCITA May, 23 2001

I hope all will tune in, or become aware of the effects this Uniform Code will have on copyright fair use, reviews, first sale right, et al.

Paul T. Jackson -- Trescott Research
Information Resources & Library Development
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Subject: Affect Update on UCITA May, 23 2001

| Americans For Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions
|                          U P D A T E  O N  U C I T A
|    On Thursday, May 24, UCITA will be the focus of Silicon Spin (
|    www.siliconspin.com), an interactive technology issues and debate
|    program, hosted by John C. Dvorak, a technology columnist for ZDNet and
|    Forbes Magazine. Silicon Spin airs nationally and is broadcast live
|    every day on TechTV (cable) at 5:30pm (PST). Cem Kaner, J.D., Ph.D.,
|    Professor of Computer Sciences at Florida Institute of Technology and
|    AFFECT member, will present the AFFECT point of view - Why UCITA is bad
|    legislation. We expect that a representative of the National Conference
|    of Commissioners on Uniform State Law (NCCUSL) will argue in support of
|    UCITA.
|    You can watch the show on line (see www.siliconspin.com for details) or
|    check the web site for local listings.  If you would like to watch on
|    line, it would be best to set this up before the show starts.
|    Thank you for your interest in blocking the enactment of UCITA. This
|    update provides information about the recent UCITA developments around
|    the nation. Please share this information with others who may be
|    interested and direct them to the Affect Coalition web site at
|    www.affect.ucita.com. You are receiving this communication because you
|    signed up as a member of the Affect coalition at www.affect.ucita.com to
|    unsubscribe, please send an e-mail to mwilliams@xxxxxxxx, or simply hit
|    reply and type "remove" in the subject field of your e-mail.

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