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  • Non-member submission from ["Hugh Griffith" <>], Esther Gillie
  • Golden Melodram, Nelson-Strauss, Brenda
  • Complete opera recordings, Hugh Griffith
  • Fw: Re: use of postcards on a commercial website, Steven Smolian
  • DCS Newsletter (03/11/2001), Dynamic Computer Systems
  • Fwd: Article on Historic Reissues in Philly Newspaper, Stevramm
  • Re: [AV Media Matters] several new questions about digital archiving methods, Brian Levy
  • CD-R Audio disc longevity, McBride, Jerry
  • Restoration and similar resources -- a listing -- should you be on it?, Richard L. Hess
  • Victor Picture Disks, Art Shifrin
  • Fw: Soundsaver web site is up and running, Steven Smolian
  • COLLECTING, k mcbain
  • Re: arsclist record collecting, Mwcpc6
  • record collecting, k mcbain
  • Re: arsclist Slotless reels, Jeff Carroll

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