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Fw: Soundsaver web site is up and running

This is going to a number of lists.  Sorry if there are crosspostings.

My www.soundsaver.com web site is finally up and functioning. This is a guide to my services making CDs and cassettes from old recordings from informal sources including records, reel to reel tapes, wire recordings and dictation belts. It's worth a look and a bookmark.

I've put up photos of various media. The reader can identify what he has, his preservation options, and their approximate costs.

Resources include a

Tape Information page devoted to charts listing the various tape speeds, thicknesses, reel diameters and playing time.

Sticky Tape page listing product numbers known to suffer from this affliction.

Disc Information page that gives record diameters, speeds and playing times.

Packing and Shipping page.

Some information here has never been available in print or elsewhere on the net.

Feedback on making it better would be appreciated.

Steven Smolian    301-694-5134
Smolian Sound Studios
CDs made from old recordings,
One or five or lifetime hoardings,
Made at home or concert hall,
Text and pics explain it all.
at www.soundsaver.com

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