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Restoration and similar resources -- a listing -- should you be on it?

Hi, list-people...

Sorry for the cross-post, but I wanted to get all of you.

I have a page up on my Web site about my audio (mostly tape) restoration activities... http://www.richardhess.com/be/tape.htm

I have added a "resources" section to this... I have a disclaimer "I do not have personal experience with any of these resources, but I would suggest that one or more of the following resources might be able to solve almost any restoration problem:"

I then list in three categories:

General Audio Restoration:
  Graham Newton
  Steve Smolian

Multitrack Master Transfer and Restoration:

Video (and audio) Transfer, Restoration, and Disaster Recovery:
  Specs Brothers

Can you think of any more that I should list? I only want to list places that have Web sites as I link to the Web site. I'm also interested in top-notch services that are geographically and format diverse and are capable of taking on some projects.

The idea is that there are people out there who do this--I get to pick my projects and restore what I'm interested in...the price for that is that I don't charge much (typically shipping) but I also don't try and make a living from it and I don't do much of it since I don't have the time. I don't want to expand my business at this point. If it interests me and I think it's worthy, the cost shouldn't stand in the way. One client of mine had things which were outside the scope of what I could do and I referred him to TransferMAT--and it was people from the ARSC list who told me about that resource when I enquired last December.

Any other comments on the page (or the entirte site http://www.richardhess.com ) would be appreciated.

Please respond to richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (the "from" email address is the address I use to subscribe to lists and I don't check it as often.)

Cheers and thanks,


Richard L. Hess richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Glendale, CA USA http://www.richardhess.com/ Web page: folk and church music, photography, and broadcast engineering

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