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> Subject: arsclist Re: [AV Media Matters] several new questions about
> digital archiving methods
> Hi, everyone,
> Brian Levy here again, still trying to navigate the unknown
> digital waters,
> hoping to bring the precious vessels of a dying culture to future shores
> securely.
> So what's the scoop on CD-R 'pro'?  Does anyone on this list use
> them?  Are
> they truly more long-term durable, archival than say regular Kodak Gold
> Ultima's?
> And while we're at it, I've been meaning to ask a few more questions:
> 1.  Is it ok to store archival CD-R's in a Case Logic "CD wallet"
> or would
> this compromise durability?  I have been using jewel cases with all paper
> removed to avoid degradation caused by slow release of acid gases from
> decomposing liner notes and the like.  I would like to use CD wallets due
> to their space-saving features and easy access, but not if they
> in any way
> scratch the backs of these already fragile media, or expose them to more
> atmospheric gases than would jewel cases.
> 2.  Are computer-grade Kodak Gold's and Mitsui's etc. more archival than
> their 'consumer audio' (used in stand-alone burners like the
> Harmon Kardon
> CDR-2 we're currently using)?   I am wanting to get us a HHB CDR-800 as
> soon as possible, and thus switch to always using computer-grade
> CDR's.  For now we do most of our CDR multiple copy backup's using a
> Plextor computer CD-R burner.
> 3.  Apart from keeping CD-R's out of excessive heat, light, humidity, are
> there other storage conditions to consider?  Was the mention of argon gas
> (in a posting today by a list member) serious?  We are planning
> to keep one
> copy of all our CD-R's in an underground salt mine storage facility near
> Hutchinson, KS as a backup against all our copies kept in archives in
> Oklahoma City and at the Caddo tribe's own archive facility.  I'd be
> interested in others' perspectives on storage conditions, locations, etc.
> 4.  So what was the verdict for predicted longevity of the Kodak g/s CD-R
> now being sold as a replacement for the Kodak g/g which we and
> others were
> using?  Only 2-4 years?  25 years?
> 5.  How often would you migrate your CD-R's to newer CD-R's and/or to
> DVD-R's or newer technology likely to emerge within the next five
> years or
> so?
> I know we have already discussed some of these issues before, but
> I hope my
> questions are worth re-visiting.
> Thanks to everyone for the on-going sharing of so much helpful
> information.
>                         Sincerely,
>                              Brian Levy
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