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Re: arsclist Slotless reels

Bob et al, I've special ordered empty Quantegy slotless reels from Full
Compass in Madison. I don't have the part number handy, but they do make
and sell two different types. Last time I looked they were listed on the
Quantegy web site.

David Seubert, Curator
Performing Arts Collections
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, robert wasserman wrote:

> I have been having trouble refilling my supply of slotless small hub 1/4" 7" 
> reels, similar to what comes with Quantegy tapes these days. All my former 
> sources have either closed shop, changed focus or can only get slotted hubs. 
> Does anyone know of any suppilers? Thanks.
> Robert Wasserman
> Audio Archivist
> State Historical Society of WI
> 216 State St. room 453
> Madison WI 53706
> Wasserma2001@xxxxxxxxxxx
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