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Re: [AV Media Matters] several new questions about digital archiving methods

Hi, everyone,

Brian Levy here again, still trying to navigate the unknown digital waters, hoping to bring the precious vessels of a dying culture to future shores securely.

So what's the scoop on CD-R 'pro'? Does anyone on this list use them? Are they truly more long-term durable, archival than say regular Kodak Gold Ultima's?

And while we're at it, I've been meaning to ask a few more questions:

1. Is it ok to store archival CD-R's in a Case Logic "CD wallet" or would this compromise durability? I have been using jewel cases with all paper removed to avoid degradation caused by slow release of acid gases from decomposing liner notes and the like. I would like to use CD wallets due to their space-saving features and easy access, but not if they in any way scratch the backs of these already fragile media, or expose them to more atmospheric gases than would jewel cases.

2. Are computer-grade Kodak Gold's and Mitsui's etc. more archival than their 'consumer audio' (used in stand-alone burners like the Harmon Kardon CDR-2 we're currently using)? I am wanting to get us a HHB CDR-800 as soon as possible, and thus switch to always using computer-grade CDR's. For now we do most of our CDR multiple copy backup's using a Plextor computer CD-R burner.

3. Apart from keeping CD-R's out of excessive heat, light, humidity, are there other storage conditions to consider? Was the mention of argon gas (in a posting today by a list member) serious? We are planning to keep one copy of all our CD-R's in an underground salt mine storage facility near Hutchinson, KS as a backup against all our copies kept in archives in Oklahoma City and at the Caddo tribe's own archive facility. I'd be interested in others' perspectives on storage conditions, locations, etc.

4. So what was the verdict for predicted longevity of the Kodak g/s CD-R now being sold as a replacement for the Kodak g/g which we and others were using? Only 2-4 years? 25 years?

5. How often would you migrate your CD-R's to newer CD-R's and/or to DVD-R's or newer technology likely to emerge within the next five years or so?

I know we have already discussed some of these issues before, but I hope my questions are worth re-visiting.

Thanks to everyone for the on-going sharing of so much helpful information.


Brian Levy

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