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record collecting

im a new member so i apologise for jumping straight in there...
im currently doing my thesis on music collecting - a topic about which i have found very little info about with regards to critical and cultural studies, namely the meaning of the records, tapes and CDs themselves as opposed to the content contained within them.
whilst there has been a whole body of work done with regards to 'collecting' (from books to household objects), the meaning of 'things' (including the stereo, hi-fi, radio and TV) in everyday life, individual consumption of music (as 'texts') and of course collective consumption, there is very little that i can find concerning the 'carriers' of music as a site for individual and collective cultural production of meaning specifically.

if anyone has any idea as to any work regarding the uses and meanings of record collections and the social effects of changes in the reproduction of sound recordings on music collecting (following Benjamin's line of art in the age of mechanical reproduction) I would exceedingly grateful.

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