Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 32 2013
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 32


Conservation and Encasement: 1297 Magna Carta (abstract)
Terry Boone
Morgan Boyd Zinsmeister

Flip, Flap, and Crack: The Conservation and Exhibition of 400+ Years of Flap Anatomies
Meg Brown

Update on Digital Print Preservation Research: What We Have Learned So Far About the Permanence and Preservation of Digitally Printed Books (abstract)
Daniel Burge

Conservation of Dieter Roth's Snow
Brenna Campbell
Scott Gerson
Erika Mosier

The Materials, Techniques, and Conservation Challenges of Richard Serra's Oilstick Screen Prints
Im Chan

Treatment and Housing Techniques for Pastel Paintings on Paper: Case Studies
Soyeon Choi
Jessica Makin

Watermark Capture and Processing with Contemporary Desktop Applications (abstract)
Fenella G. France
Margaret Castle
Daniel de Simone
Meghan Hill
Christopher Bolser
Sylvia Albro
John Bertonaschi

Testing the Waters: New Technical Applications for the Cleaning of Acrylic Paint Films and Paper Supports
Daria Keynan
Amy Hughes

Two New Techniques for Loss Compensation in Art on Paper: Integration of Surface Losses Using Textile Fibers and the Use of Sprayed Cellulose Powder To Minimize Foxing and Other Discoloration (abstract)
Elissa O'Loughlin
Stephanie Jewell

Going Beyond Appearance: Use of Imaging Technology for the Examination of Hidden Paint Layers in a Gulistan of Sa'di from the Freer Collection (abstract)
Elisabetta Polidori
Blythe McCarthy
Emily Jacobson

Technical Study and Conservation Treatment of Roy Lichtenstein's Screen Print on Plastic, Sandwich and Soda, 1964
Marion Verborg

Splintered: The History, Structure, and Conservation of American Scaleboard Bindings
Ren´┐Że Wolcott

Book and Paper Group Tips Session 2013: Contemporary Treatment: Tips and Techniques
Karen Dabney
Beth Doyle
Jamye Jamison
Laaura McCann
Renata Mesmer
Karen L. Pavelka
Shelley Smith
Judith Walsh

Archives Conservation Discussion Group 2013: Is it Real? The Value and Ethics of Using Surrogates
Cher Schneider
Tonia Grafakos

Art on Paper Discussion Group 2013: Making Terminology Meaningful
Nancy Ash
Scott Homolka
Stephanie Lussier

Deceptive Covers: Armenian Bindings of 18th-Century Imprints from Constantinople
Yasmeen R. Khan
Tamara Ohanyan

Notes on Aluminum-Walled Book Boxes: Large and Strong but Lightweight
Bill Minter

Notes on Coated Japanese Paper for Opaque and Sympathetic Fills
Bill Minter

Reanalysis of Yellowing of Digitally Printed Materials in Cultural Heritage Collections
Douglas Nishimura
Daniel Burge
Jean-Louis Bigourdan
Nino Gordeladze