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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

At 05:18 PM 2007-03-27, Frank Strauss wrote:
This thread hit home today.  I use gmail, and presently have 1790 MB of
stuff, totaling15,228 emails living there.


I searched
on line and found that last year Gmail had some trouble and lost everything
before December from 60 or so accounts.


but when your stuff is somewhere else, you sleep better with redundancy.

Several comments on this.

(1) If I care about it, it is on my triple redundant server system.
(2) If I do not want to host it personally, I would be very, very, very picky about understanding who was hosting it for me. I do not trust Google or Pbase to be my archival repository.
(3) At this point, I do not trust startup commercial digital repositories with my stuff.
(4) I am feeling quite comfortable with several digital repositories, but that has been a several year learning and watching experience.

There is a big difference IMHO between Google's level of care keeping the contents of my free email account and a university/corporate/agency TDR.



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