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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

At 03:46 PM 2007-03-27, John Spencer wrote:
[Richard wrote:]
I am extremely concerned about asking any archive in position B. to
worry about what they have created long term.

Could you clarify that statement? Are you saying that any archive in "position B" should NOT worry about the digital preservation files they have created and how they are stored?

Hello, John,

I would not entrust to any organizations (with perhaps a few exceptions) that are chronically underfunded and lacking in IT expertise the long-term responsibility of managing the life cycles of a transitional digital archive. I see this is an invitation to defer the management of the archive by using already scarce funding for immediate needs. In the end, a crisis is generated and heroics have to happen in order to preserve most of the archive.

I honestly don't care if it's gold audio CD, gold data CD, DVD of any flavour, LTO tape, or hard drives on the shelf. The interim solution doesn't solve the problem, it merely postpones it.

On the other hand, handing over your data with an in-perpetuity storage contract is as stable and as secure as the in-perpetuity provider. Only major universities and government entities strike me, at first glance, as having the staying power to ensure that the common definition of "in perpetuity" is meant.

Hope this clarifies a bit.



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