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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early stereo mass market tapes

One comment about Longines. They did one set to redeem themselves, at least a little bit. They used to do a lot of work out of my father's studio, by the way. The set I speak of is "Jack Benny's Golden Age of Radio," which included a lot of good snips of shows and Benny's sometimes funny commentary. The highlight, though, was a recreation of the famous "Cat Wife" show starring Boris Karloff.

As for the Longines music albums -- yeah, dreck. But they sold a ton of records.

-- Tom Fine

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Your forgot an entire decade wasted on Disco


On Oct 19, 2006, at 10:56 PM, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:

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Thanks for mentioning Richard Nanes. But how could you omit Rod  McKuen's Piano
Concerto et al?

Hmm..wonder if someone wants to start an offshoot list devoted entirely to

Well, we start out with any/all recordings (78's included if any) by:

Mantovani and his Orchestra (post-c.1935 or so)
101 Strings
The Norman Luboff Choir
The Longines Symphonette
Any Readers' Digest sets which feature semi-anonymous remakes
   as opposed to reissues of original recordings
Virtually all LP albums which sold new for 99 cents or less(?!)
Any recordings of high-school bands or vocal units (with the
   exception of your alma mater or works featuring your offspring)
Any anthologies sold or promoted by "easy listening" FM stations
Any LP's with a well-known name on their cover but which turn out
   to have one or two cuts by him/her/it and the rest by unknowns
Any LP's whose titles end in "...For Lovers," "...For Dining" or
   in any other way suggest musical contents of innocuosity...
Any LP's which are sold primarily as souvenirs of a travel


Steven C. Barr

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