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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dynamic-frequency Range

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:

> Give the digital world another couple of decades, and they
> will probably have figured out how to enable computers to
> analyze a digital sound file taken from playing a vintage
> recording...and provide a full-bandwidth stereo (or 7.1?)
> rendering of what SHOULD have been recorded...

Well, one company has been working on this using recordings of piano
playing. While I may have already mentioned this on the list but there is
a company Zenph that takes older recordings, and will attempt to isolate
the fundamental freqencies, with amplitudes and create a digital file and
then play it back on a disklavier. They sent me some some of their promo
materials. It included a Cortot performance of some Chopin. What I found
interesting was that while indeed they did a fine job, the technology
seemed to amplify the limitations of the technology used for the original
recording...for example, some of the treble notes came across as
significantly louder than when I made some eq adjustments to the original.

Potentially powerful use of technology, but tricky.


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