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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early stereo mass market tapes

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, Tom Fine wrote:

> Another thing I'd love to know is what ever became of some of those crazy stereo demo tapes like
> "Sound in the Round"? I have the quarter-track version, which is vastly inferior to the little
> snippet of the 2-track version that's on Ampex's original 2-track stereo demo tape they included
> with their first consumer tape machines.
> There were some funny, interesting and creative stereophony tricks and gimmicks going on in this
> very early tape era that never made it to the stereo LP era two years later.

I am reminded of some of the work of John Chowning at Stanford. He did
some wonderful experiments with spatial illusions.

As for the discs...I have a several dozen discs at home in a section of my
collection which I call, "It's Stereo." It includes everything from games
of Ping Pong to choruses moving from the left to the right speaker, also a
series of discs on RCA, the LSA series plus electronic works like
Stockhausen's Kontakte which made heavy use of panning.

Most of these are especially fun listening with headphones.


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