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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early stereo mass market tapes

Thanks for mentioning Richard Nanes. But how could you omit Rod McKuen's Piano
Concerto et al?

Hmm..wonder if someone wants to start an offshoot list devoted entirely to CrapOnLP?


Karl Miller wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Oct 2006, David Lennick wrote:
> > To this day I can't understand why anybody would have
> > bought a Ronnie Aldrich album.
> While this response is probably too much about music...but then it is
> somewhat discographical in content...
> Having bought many a Ronnie Aldrich album (but only if priced at less than
> $1.) I will explain. One or two had attractive covers, however, the main
> appeal was that they were so miserable, I felt my collection would not be
> complete without a representative sampling of them.
> I was introduced to the "art" of Aldrich by Dr. Ron Retherford...a
> brilliant mathematician and a piano pupil of Dohnanyi. (Ron did a superb
> discography of his teacher)...which reminds me, there are so many
> wonderful discographies that ARSC could post...but I digress.
> In addition to collecting the greats, Ron also collected the downright lousy,
> like Aldrich and other purveyors of kitsch like Saint Preux.
> I can thank Ron for introducing me to other concerted works for piano that
> really do, in my opinion, scrape the bottom of the barrel...the piano concertos by
> the Filipino composer Lucino Sacramento being amongst the best of
> their kind...as to what "kind" that might be, I will leave it to your imagination.
> And, to bring us full circle, recalling our recent discussion of the
> Warsaw Concerto...my own personal choice for worst of the
> worst being the Piano Concerto by Jordan Waring...a descendant of the
> otherwise find choral conductor and inventor Fred Waring who made my favorite
> arrangement of the Warsaw Concerto. While Richard Nanes used to be near the top of
> pile of kitsch and the absurd, Jordan Waring seems to raised the bar. The
> Waring is still available on CD, a must have for those who must have it
> all...
> Karl

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