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[ARSCLIST] (non)-music:--was Early stereo mass market tapes

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From: "Tom Fine" <tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> As for the Longines music albums -- yeah, dreck. But they sold a ton of
Well, there is (or was...I suspect the relevant demographic is dying
off from "old age"...) always a market for music whose primary value
is that of being inoffensive...or, as Gertrude Stein wrote, "There is
no 'there' there!"

Besides, as long as we have loudspeakers in elevators, bus stations
and other hyper-public venues (as well as being put on "Hold!")...we
shall have a demand for the garb...er, stuff!

As Mencken famously said, "No one ever went broke unserestimating
the taste of the...public!"

Steven C. Barr
(and, yes, I'm aware that Stein had a more concrete reason for her
oft-cited quote...apparently, she had been born and raised in Oakland
and her childhood home had been razed, giving the statement a literal

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