Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 11 1992
The American Institute for Conservation

Tests on the Effects of the Use of Ultrasound in the Humidification of Paper
Niccolo Caldararo

Conservation of Jasper Johns Decoy: Mold Removal Using Steam
Antoinette Dwan

Use of Goretex to Dry Smooth, Calendered, and Modern Papers
Antoinette Dwan

Usage Recommendations for \#945;-Amylases: Maximizing Enzyme Activity while Minimizing Enzyme-Artifact Binding Residues
Harold M. Erickson

Who, What and Where in Book Repair: Institutional Profiles of the LCCDG, 1992
Maria Grandinette
Randy Silverman

An Institutional Profile in 1992
Hedi Kyle

The Book Repair Program at Brigham Young University: An Institutional Profile
Randy Silverman

Book Repair and Conservation: Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts
Glen Ruzicka

Cornell University: The Department of Preservation and Conservation Outline of Development
Shannon Zachary

Emory University Libraries Preservation Office
Ann Frellsen

Institutional Profile: Julia Rogers Library, Goucher College
Sydney Roby
Elora Cunningham

Harvard University: Widener Library Conservation Services: Institutional Profile
Nancy Schrock
David Moore

Indiana University Libraries: Institutional Profile
Jo Burgess

The Johns Hopkins University: Milton S. Eisenhower Library Preservation Program
Regina A. Sinclair

Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library
Johanna G. Wellheiser

Profile for the Nebraska State Historical Society
Catherine Atwood

Preservation Activities at the New York Academy of Medicine Library
Susan Martin

The Library of the New York Botanical Garden: Basic Collection Preservation Care Program
Judith Reed

Collections Maintenance Activities at the New York Public Library, Research Libraries
Jo Anne Martinez
Marc Reeves

New York University, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library: Institutional Profile
Paula de Stefano

Northwestern University Library: Institutional Profile for Collections Conservation
Scott Kellar

Collections Conservation at Princeton University Libraries
Brian J. Baird

Saint Bonaventure University Preservation Department
Peter Jermann
Susan Mackey Frakes

Stanford University Libraries Conservation Treatment Section Profile
Eleanore Stewart

University of Cincinnati University Libraries Preservation Program
Toby Heidtmann

The Book Repair Program at the University of Michigan Library an Institutional Profile
Annette Christian
Ann Ridout
Len Muir

Institutional Profile: University of Wisconsin-Madison
James C. Dast

Conservation Practice Carried Out on the Main Collection of the Library of the School of Library and Information Science at the University of Western Ontario
Vernon Estick

Mass Deacidification: Effects of Treatment on Library Materials Deacidified by the DEZ and MG-3 Processes
Robert J. Milevski

The Technology and Treatment of an Embossed, Chromolithographic 'Mechanical' Victorian Valentine Card
Erika Mosier
Dianne van der Reyden
Mary T. Baker

Treatment of Two Nineteenth-Century Chromolithographs: an Approach to Reduction of Magnesium Bicarbonate Deposits
Elissa M. O'Loughlin

Removal of Varnish From Paper Artifacts
Tatyana Petukhova

Gore-Tex: An Introduction to the Material and Treatments
Nancy Purinton
Susan Filter

Archives Preservation Update: Historical Perspective and Current Approaches
Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler

Archives Preservation Update: A Programmatic Approach
Maria S. Holden

Archives Preservation Update: Holdings Maintenance: an Overview
Karen Garlick

Archives Preservation Update: A Mexican Governor's Legacy, a Conservator's Puzzle
Jane Klinger

Archives Preservation Update: Making a Molehill Out of a Mountain: The Olmsted Plans and Drawings Processing Project
Diana Alper

Archives Preservation Update: Archives Preservation Outlook: Research and Education
Hilary A. Kaplan

The Treatment of Early Russian Manuscript Scrolls
Ted Stanley

Hand Papermaking in Central Burma and Northern Thailand
Stephanie Watkins