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TAKIACT (Turkiye'deki Arkeolojik Konservatorler ile Archaelogical Conservators in Turkey) is a loosely organized group of individuals with an interest in the preservation of material excavated on archaeological sites in Turkey. This page has been set up to collect information about archaeological conservation in Turkey and provide links to a variety of helpful resources for conservation and preservation of archaelogical materials excavated in Turkey.

Field Notes:
Practical Guides for Archaeological Conservation and Site Preservation

Published by the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology

Number 1: The Role of the Conservator on an Archaeological Excavation
Number 2: Guidelines for Foreign Conservators Working in Turkey
Number 3:Conservation and Related Materials: Suppliers and Shopping in Turkey
Number 4:Selected Bibliography: Conservation in the Field
Number 5:Legislation for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Property of Turkey
Number 6: Health and Safety in the Field Laboratory
Number 7: Educational Opportunities for Turkish Conservators
Number 8: Documentation of On-site Conservation Activities
Number 9:On-site Storage of Excavated Materials
Number 10: Archaeological Site Protection in Turkey
Number 11: Conservation of Metal Artifacts on Archaeological Sites
Number 12: Conservation of Ceramic Artifacts on Archaeological Sites
Number 13: Conservation of Stone Artifacts on Archaeological Sites
Number 14: Conservation of Unfired Earth Artifacts on Archaeological Sites
Number 15: Conservation of Wood and Plant Materials on Archaeological Sites
Number 16: Conservation of Bone, Ivory & Antler Artifacts on Archaeological Sites
Number 17: Conservation of Leather & Textile Artifacts on Archaeological Sites
Number 18: Conservation of Mosaics on Archaeological Sites
Number 19: Conservation of Wall Paintings on Archaeological Sites
Number 20: Conservation of Marine Finds

Links to useful information
Information collected and maintained for TAKIACT

Accomodation in Turkey
Some Conservation Suppliers in Turkey
A bibliography of information on archaeological conservation

Major Conservation and Preservation Sites with Links to Hundreds of Others
Conservation OnLine
Clearinghouse: Preservation Internet Resources

For General Information about Turkey

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