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Conservation Supplies Available in Turkey

All archaeological conservators are painfully aware that site work usually means dragging around luggage swollen with the season’s supplies. Fortunately, every year it becomes easier to find conservation related materials in Turkey. In most large cities one can find chemical suppliers, artists materials, and a wide variety of commercial and industrial suppliers. Materials such as solvents and reagents, formerly difficult to locate, can now be obtained from a variety of sources throughout the country.

If materials cannot be found locally, most merchants in distant cities are more than willing to ship materials on very short notice. Shipping in Turkey today is usually accomplished through “cargo” service on major bus lines, so materials may arrive from anywhere in the country in a matter of a day or two. Virtually all Turkish suppliers have FAX numbers, so one does not need to wait until the sales contact is in the office to do business.

As in any country, finding the supplies you need requires shopping, and shopping takes time. Whenever possible, call ahead and have materials shipped or ready for pick-up to avoid losing valuable work days. In many large cities, suppliers of a particular kind of material will be closely grouped in the same street or building; for example, the chemical suppliers in Izmir along 847 Sokak in Konak and the Modern Çarsa in Ankara, near Ulus. Commercial business in Turkey is very competitive, so suppliers are very helpful. If a merchant does not have particular material, he will often call around to the neighbors to see if someone else does.

Note that many firms now accept VISA and, due to the economic situation, American dollars and German marks are very welcome. Bargaining is part of Turkish shopping culture, so often a deal can be struck if payment is made in foreign currency.

One important recent development for the acquisition of conservation supplies is the newly formed firm “Art and Restoration.” This group is now licensed in Istanbul to sell conservation materials and are the official Turkish distributors for Bresciani restoration materials. (Bresciani is a large Italian supplier of conservation equipment and supplies, located in Milan; in a sense, they are the Italian equivalent of Conservation Materials in the United States or Abraham Joel in England, but carry a wider array of hardware and equipment.) In the near future, they hope to have a good stock of materials on hand in Istanbul, ready for immediate shipment. Materials which must be imported from Italy can be acquired in as little as a week.

Following is an annotated list of suppliers of other materials and equipment. The list is arranged roughly by material, followed by city. This list was compiled from the supplier lists used by several sites and laboratories in Turkey, but it is by no means exhaustive. Readers are encouraged to share their lists to help broaden geographic coverage and to fill in missing pieces (such as a source for deionizing columns). All contributions are welcome, particularly if they include notes on what was acquired, when the supplier was last used, and the names of any personal contacts. This list only includes Turkish suppliers, but conservators should remember that many firms, such as Abraham Joel in England, will ship internationally.

Notes included here are current; where there are no notes, no information was available regarding reliability or quality of service. Readers will notice several missing and/or useless pieces of information in this list, such as partial addresses and telephone numbers in the old numbering system. These are included in this version of the list, but if they cannot be confirmed they will be dropped. The author apologizes for any misspellings, wrong telephone numbers, or other errors.

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Conservation Supplies

Art and Restoration; Karaca Sokak 18. Dolapdere, Beyoglu, Istanbul Telephone: (0212) 238.4511

Official distributors of Bresciani conservation materials in Turkey. The Bresciani catalogue includes a full line of Paraloid resins, commonly used tools and materials for all specialties, and a surprisingly wide array of equipment (broader than Conservation Materials in the U.S.). Call or FAX for a catalogue; a price list is currently being developed. The proprietors will also help to find equivalent Turkish equipment or supplies where possible, and any other kind of material you may need.

Chemical Supplies


Balmumcu Modern Çarsi 321 Ulus, Ankara
(0312) 310. 6472, 312. 1900, 312. 3222 Fax: (0312) 311. 756
Used by Ankara Üniversitesi; Ankara branch of the Istanbul firm.

Dis ve Tibbi Malzeme Ithalat (Dental Supplies)
Yucel Canver-General Director
Sehit Tegmen Kalmaz Caddesi Modern Çarsi Kat 3, 413/A Ulus, Ankara
(0312) 310. 5164 Fax:(0312) 311. 0671
Used by Ankara Üniversitesi for dental supplies.

Kocintok Lab.Mal. Tic.San., A.S.
Ekrem Genç, Kimya Mühendisi
Sehit Tegmen Kalmaz Caddesi Modern Çarsi, no. 30 Ulus, Ankara
(0312) 311. 5059, 311. 8987 Fax: (0312) 312. 4292
Sometimes used by Ankara Üniversitesi. Ekrem Bey is reported to be helpful.
See also Istanbul.

Kutay Laboratuar Ürünleri Pazarlama Ltd. Sti.
Hüseyin Uzuner,Chemist
Asagi Övecler 4 Caddesi,73 Sokak 10/3-4 06460 Ankara
(0312) 479. 0419 Fax:( 0312) 479. 5044
Provided good stock of chemical supplies for Bilkent Üniversitesi in 1996.
Seem capable of getting a great deal through German suppliers.

Modern Kimya, Ltd. Sti.
Muharrem Çatalkaya
Posta Caddesi Modern Çarsi, Kat 313 Ulus, Ankara
(0312) 324.0709 Fax: (0312) 312. 5844


Balmumcu Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret, A.S.

Laboratuvar Aletleri ve Kimyevi Madde Sanayi
Bahçekapi, Rahvanci Sokak No.4 - 6 Istanbul
(0212) 522. 0510, 526 2893, 522 9001
Large company will ship. See also Ankara.

Kocintok Lab. Mal. Tic. San., A.S.
Turgut Özal Caddesi Karagül Is Merkezi, No. 71 FIndikzade, Istanbul
Telephone: (0212) 635.9581, 635. 9582 Fax: (0212) 635 9583
Istanbul branch of company used by Ankara Üniversitesi in Ankara.


Analiz Kimya
Kimyevi Madderler ve Laboratuar Malzemeleri (Chemicals and Laboratory Equipment) San. Tic.Ltd.Sti.)
847 Sokak No. 12/C Konak, Izmir
(0232) 483. 3696, 483 36 96 Fax: (0232) 489. 4917
Source of glassware and chemicals. Last contacted in 1996.
Recommended by the Izmir Museum; very useful source, good prices, willing to send materials by cargo. Also in Istanbul

Kimyevi Tahilgil Maddeleri Laboratuvar Malzeme ve Cihazlari Ithali ve Satisi
Aziz Özdizdar
Fevzipasa Bulvari Bahçeliler Han No. 119-120 Izmir
Telephone: 25 5074 (old telephone system)
From Snow, 1990.

Biyoteknik Ticaret
Nurhan Hanim
2/202 856 Sokak No. 3 Konak, Izmir
Telephone: 25 4990 (old telephone system)
From Snow,1990, near Analiz Kimya.

Tolga Medikal - Near Analiz Kimya and Bioteknik Ticaret, used by Sardis for glassware, etc.

Farma Medikal Ticaret ve Sanayi Ltd.
847 Sokak No: 6 P. 13 Konak, Izmir
Provided acids and base s to Aphrodisias in 1995. Near Analiz Kimya.

Serdar Mürselpasa
Bulvari No. 22/B Basmane, Izmir
(0232) 484 78 37, 483 23 93
Provided saf su (distilled water) in 1995 to Aphrodisias and other sites. The quality of the water is uneven and each bottle must be tested.

Skot Oil Ticaret ve Sanayii, A. S.
(0232) 479 12 64

Artist’s and Architect’s Supplies


Akgun Ticaret (Jewelery Products
Rafet Akgun
Anafartalar caddesi Kale Kuyumculuk Carsisi No: 49 / 51 - 52
Ulus, Ankara
Telephone: (0312) 312.4813 Fax: (0312) 312.4813

Çizgi Kirtasiye, Tek nik Okul ve Büro Malzemeleri Ltd. Sti.
Sevda Akpinar, Magaza Müdürü
Arjantin Caddesi No. 34/2 Gaziosmanpasa, Ankara 06700
Telephone: (0312) 467 28 97, 468 44 41, 428 45 13
Fax: (0312) 427 76 86
Good selection of Rowney, Rembrandt and Pebeo acrylic paint s, and artist’s brushes.
Used by Ankara Üniversitesi.

Kifas Sanatsal Boya Galerisi
Tunali Hilmi Caddesi, Yetkin Pasaji, No. 101/36 Kavaklidere, Ankara
(0312) 468 85 92
Good selection of Rowney, Lukas, Rembrandt and Winsor Newton paints, grea t artist’s brushes.
Used by Ankara Üniversitesi


Ege Asal Metal
2822 Sokak No. 89, 1. Sanayi Sitesi Izmir
Telephone: (232) 458.4726; (232) 458.4727 Fax: (323) 433. 7493
(This outlet is across from where the old bus statation used to be. SInce the bus station left the "sanayi" has filled up with metal suppliers and machinists. This one is one of the largest, but it is surround by many more.)

Mois Depas
Cumhuriyet Bulvari Izmir
Telephone: 13 2434 (old telephone system)
From Snow, 1990.

865 Sokak No. 5 Konak, Izmir
Telephone: 14 2124 (old telephone system)
From Snow.

Patas Ticare t
853 Sokak No. 22 Konak, Izmir
Telephone: 14 2431, 14 7994 (old telephone system)
From Snow.

Hilmi Hanimoglu
443 Sokak No. 32 Alsançak, Izmir
From Snow.



Buyuran Ticaret, A. S.
Rüzgarli Ege Sokak Uçar Ticaret Merkezi 5 / 174 Ulus, Ankara
Telephone : (0312) 324. 3144
Excellent source for all kinds of hand tools, paint and other building supplies (including lime putty). Used by Ankara Üniversitesi; ask for Arif or Hasan Bey.

Öncel Ticaret
Sehit Tegmen Kalmaz Caddesi No. 24/A
Ulus, Ankara 06050
Telephone: (0312) 310 54 82, 312 16 58
Fax: (0312) 312 42 69
Excellent selection of hand tools, power tools and other hardware. Across the street from Modern Çarsi.


Hamdi Küçük Çelik Makina Tic. ve San. A. S.
1145/10-11 Sokak, No. 17-18 Yenisehir, Izmir
(0232) 433 92 62, 433 9263 Fax: (0232) 458 1339
This firm carries a wide selection of tools and equipment, particularly lifting equipment, straps, safety equipment, etc. Note that it is located in a new light industrial park; once you have found this place, you have found a number of other suppliers.

Koc Tas
Bornova, 3. Sanayi Sitesi, 296 Sokak, No. 1B Izmir
(There are also stores in Antalya and Bodrum...everything for the home and garden.)

Commercial products, Geotextiles, and other materials


Zekai Tacettin, Trade Manager
G. M. K. Bulvari, No. 12, Kat 4/85 Kizilay, Ankara 06440
Telephone: (0312) 425 19 81 F ax: (0312) 425 10 78
Distributor of building restoration materials and equipment, including the full line of Wacker products. Also distributor for many other products related to mold making and stone conservation and restoration. May have some consolid ants in stock. Distributor of Kärcher pressure washers and may also be able to acquire items from the Bresciani catalogue. Zeki Bey speaks good English and is very helpful. This firm located through Ankara Üniversitesi.


CIBA Özel Kimyaler Ürünler Sanayi ve Ticaret, Ltd., Sti.
Ebrulula Mardin Caddesi Maya Meridyen Ig Merkezi, Kat 4/5
Akatlar, Istanbul 80630
Telephone: (0216) 313 26 29 Fax: (0216) 364 1092
Used by Ankara Üniversitesi for epoxy resins.

Dow Corning Istanbul Merkez:
Nova Baran Plaza 19 Mayis Caddesi, 4/21 D.69
Sisli 80220 Istanbul
Telephone: (0212) 231 93 50 Fax: (0212) 230 9663 (378 2140)
Found in Yapi-Endüstri Merkezi Katalogu (1993-94 ed.); suggested as possible source for Ethafoam, but has not been investigated.

Dow Türkiye A. S. Marshall Boya
Meclid-i Mebusan Caddesi, Inebolu Sokak 1 Ekemen Han, Kat 3
Kabatas, Istanbul
Telephone: (0212) 251 73 00 Fax: (0212) 252 30 35
Listed as Dow distributor in the above mentioned catalogue.

LIMIT Çevre Teknologileri
Nezih Özarda
Plajyolu, No.24/2 Caddebostan
81060, Istanbul
(0216) 363 7197 Fax: (0216) 363 81 57
Distributor of Dupont TYPAR geotextiles; used by Sagalassos Expedition, 1996.

(Note: there is a distributer of Wacker products in Istanbul, but the addres s and telephone number were not available at this writing.)


Hassan Textile Products
Hacimkoy Yolu, Sanbir Bulvari 4. Bolge No. 58, Buyukcekmece 34900, Istanbul
Telephone: (212) 886.5330; (212) 886.5057 Fax: (212) 886.5333

Levent Izolasyon Pazarlama A. S.
Gaziler Caddesi No. 357/6 -A Yenisehir, Izmir
(0232) 433 90 00 Fax: (0232) 433 91 00
Source of Delta Drain geotextile and isolation products (S ardis Expedition, 1996).

Mekpa Ithalat Pazarlama Ltd. Sti.
Profesyonel Temizlik Makinalari ve Aksesuarlari
1372 Sokak No. 1/G Çankaya Izmir
Telephone: (0232) 489 25 86, 484 63 59 Fax: (0232) 483 63 01
Supplier of Rottest pressure washers and accessories. Used by Sardis Expedition, 1996. Ask for Ertugrul Aykut.


Hürriyet Hirdavat
(0248) 233 20 88 Fax: (0248) 234 14 99
Supplied a nice pressure washer to the Sagalassos Expedition (1995). Ask for Abdullah Bulgan.

Carol Snow, Conservation of Objects from Archaeological Sites: Practical Information for Field Conservators with Special Reference to Archaeological Conservation in the Republic of Turkey, (unpublished manuscript, 1990). This manuscript is currently undergoing revision ; many of the telephone numbers have changed with the introduction of new seven-digit telephone numbers in Izmir and elsewhere.

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