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Alkaline Paper Advocate

Ain, R.L.
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) in Papers Containing Mechanical Pulp, Apr 1996

Arnold, R. Bruce
Update: ASTM/ISR Paper Aging Research Program, Jul 1996

Baker, Cathleen A.
The American Museum of Papermaking--New Home to the Dard Hunter Collection, Mar 1995

Bansa, Helmut
Letters, Mar 1995
Understanding the German Paper Standard, DIN 6738, Jul 1994

Bleeck, Joerg A.
Letter, Jun 1993

Calmes, Alan
Industry/Government Meeting on Groundwood Paper in Federal Offices, Nov 1994

Carlin, John W.
Federal Agencies Receive Guidance on Procurement of Long-Lived Paper, Oct 1995

Downs, Timothy A.
Alkaline Sizing Applications Surge Ahead, Oct 1996

Ducey, Michael J.
Alkaline Sizing Applications Surge Ahead, Oct 1996

Hanus, Jozef
Alkaline Papermaking in Slovakia, Nov 1993
Some Properties of Permanent Paper Made in Slovakia, May 1996

Havermans, John
Paper Aging Research at TNO , Oct 1996

Hundal, Rick
Calcium Control in the Pressroom, 1997

Kelly, George B., Jr.
Practical Aspects of Deacidification: pH and Alkaline Reserve, Apr 1989

Koretsky, Elaine
A New Thailand/Burma Papermaking Adventure: Nov. 1-22, 1997, Apr 1996
The Coloring of Pulp in Alkaline Papermaking, Oct 1988

Laleg, M.
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) in Papers Containing Mechanical Pulp, Apr 1996

Laties, Victor G.
How the Best was Won: Paper Quality and the American Psychological Association, 1997

McCrady, Ellen
A Visit to a Hungarian Paper Mill, Oct 1990
Aging Behavior of Groundwood and Freesheet, Pt. 2, Dec 1994
Aging Behavior of Groundwood and Freesheet, Pt. 3, Mar 1995
Alkaline Sizing Pioneers from 30 and 40 Years Ago, Jun 1994
Alkaline and Neutral Copy Paper, Jan 1988
An Interdisciplinary Forum, Jan 1988
Buffered Groundwood (Carbonate-Filled High-Yield Papers), Dec 1996
Carbonate Content of Certain Archival Papers, May 1988
Clinton Mandates Recycled Paper in Executive Branch, Circumvents Permanence Standards, Oct 1993
Comparison of pH Pens on the Market, Nov 1990
Effect of Metals on Paper: A Literature Review, May 1996
Ideas for Advocates, Mar 1988
Letters, Jul 1996
Librarians and Paper Permanence, Dec 1993
Paper Permanence Debate II: The ISR Workshop July 6-8 at ASTM Headquarters, Jul 1994
Paper Permanence Debate Lends Drama to Paris Conference, Jun 1994
Papermaking Facts, 1997
Permanent Papers on the Market, Nov 1991
Review, Dec 1990
Review, May 1991
Review, Nov 1991
Reviews, Dec 1992
Reviews, Dec 1995
Reviews, Oct 1995
Rittenhouse to Twinrocker: Iowa City, March 22-95, Jul 1991
Science Advisory Board Evaluates EPA's Dioxin Study, Dec 1995
Some Neutral and Alkaline Paper Available in Salt Lake City, Jan 1988
Some Want Alkaline Paper, Some Want Acid, Nov 1993
TAPPI Papermakers, April 7-1 Seattle, May 1991
The Chlorine-Free Bleaching Issue: An Essay, Jul 1992
The Great Cotton-Rag Myth, Nov 1992
The Nature of Lignin, Nov 1991
The Shortage of Credible Information on Dioxin, Oct 1990
This is the Final Issue, 1997
Why Collections Deteriorate: Putting Acidic Paper in Perspective, Oct 1988

McEntee, Ken
IP Pulls Plug on Unity & Incentive Groundwood Office Paper, Oct 1997

McPoland, Fran
EPA Assures NYPL Permanence Won't be Overlooked, Dec 1994

Merrill-Oldham, Jan
Letters, Mar 1995

Michaels, Jan
Letters, Mar 1990
Promoting the Use of Permanent Paper in the Private Sector, Dec 1996

Miller, J.
Comparison of pH Pens on the Market, Nov 1990

Sagraves, Barbara
The Acid-Free Paper Pledge Six Years Later, Oct 1995

Scribner, B.W.
How Wood Superseded Rag, Nov 1994
Quality of Groundwood-Content Newsprint, 1870-1930, Nov 1994

Smook, Gary A.
Paper Definitions, Nov 1993

Stahl, John
Alternative Fibers for Papermaking, Dec 1995

Stevens, Norman D.
The Alkaline Attack, Dec 1988

Stone, Eileen Hallet
Teens and the Utah Centennial Permanent Paper Law, Oct 1996

Tenner, Edward
The Paradoxical Proliferation of Paper, Aug 1989

Ward, Christine
New York's Proposed Law, Oct 1996

Welsh, Jane
The Acid-Free Paper Pledge Six Years Later, Oct 1995

Westwood, Ronald
Alkaline Paper-Making Conversion Rate Accelerates, Apr 1989

Wilken, R.
Letters, Mar 1995

Willson, William K.
Variability of the Vapor Pressure of Oxygen in Accelerated Aging, Oct 1997

Wilson, William K.
Letters, Oct 1994
Remarks on House Resolution 226 To Establish a National Policy on Permanent Paper, Mar 1990

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