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Re: [ARSCLIST] Meta comment with new subject line.

I did not start this dispute. I responded to repeated complaints by Tom, first expressed a while back about the supposed incompetence of the respected transfer engineers at Naxos and further remarks by him about the "lousy" work of reissue producers and remastering engineers who are in fact members of this list. I asked for evidence to substantiate his claims; Clark Johnson agreed that this was a reasonable request, but Tom refused to respond.

Lou Judson insists that "even discussion of the music and record collections is literally off topic." It seems to me, and I think most subscribers, that anything that is open for discussion in the ARSC Journal should be on-topic here.

Judson goes on to say, "Much of the off-topic junk is highly entertaining! Carry on, ladies and gentlemen!" I agree. Carry on!

Steve Abrams

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