Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 27 2008
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 27


What Lies Beneath: Treatment of Canvas-Backed Pennsylvania Coal Mining Maps for Digitization
Amy Baker
Jean Ann Croft
Joseph Taranto
James Welsh

A Preliminary Study of Current Book Conservation and Repair in Research Libraries: A Survey of the Landscape
Whitney Baker
Liz Dube

Metadata for Conservators (abstract)
Liz Bishoff

Iron-Gall Ink Treatment at the Library of Congress: Old Manuscripts--New Tools
Claire Dekle
Mary Elizabeth Haude

The National Archives C 104/3 "The Wool Sample Books"--Conservation-Digitisation-Historical and Scientific Research-Public Access (abstract)
Linda Eells
Solange Fitzgerald
Lara Speroni
Jane Sutherland
Juergen Vervoorst

Conservation of the Library Of Congress' Gandhara Scroll: A Collaborative Process
Holly H . Krueger

Save The Plants: Conservation of Brendel Anatomical Botany Models
Graziana Fiorini
Luana Maekawa
Peter Stiberc

Fire and Paper: An Examination of the Materials and Techniques of Lee Bontecou's Soot Drawings
Linda Owen

An Investigation and Treatment of an Uncommon Ethiopian Binding and Consideration of its Historical Context
Dan Paterson

The Effectiveness of Two Cationic Fixatives in Stabilizing Water-Sensitive Dye-Based Inks on Paper
Stephanie Porto
Aaron N. Shugar

Larger Than Life: Discovery and Restoration of an 1878 "Buffalo Bill" Billboard
Laura Schell

Vortices and Reveries: An Innovative Treatment of Oversized Three-Dimensional Paper Objects
Samantha Sheesley

Historical Bleaching of Ingres Drawings at the Fogg Art Museum
Theresa Smith

Hierarchical Recording of Binding Structures (abstract)
Athanasios Velios

The Archives Discussion Group 2008: Sharing Information about Environmental Monitoring
Linda Blaser
Susan M. Peckham

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2008: Digitization Project Case Studies
Sarah Reidell
Laura MCCann

Alternative Fabric Supports for the Dacron Lining Technique for Paper Objects
Debra Cuoco
Heather Hamilton

Which Cracked First: The Inkin' or the Egg? Analysis and Treatment of Ink Deterioration in the William Bache Silhouette Album
Rosemary Fallon
Nora Lockshin

Reconsidering the Classification of Foxing Through Photographic and Historic Analysis and Presenting Two Case Studies of the Conservation Treatment of Foxed Paper (abstract)
Hanako Hirano

Developing Guidelines for Iron-Gall Ink Treatment at the Library of Congress
Sylvia Albro
Julie L. Biggs
Claire Dekle
Mary Elizabeth Haude
Cyntia Karnes
Yasmeen Khan