Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 10 1991
The American Institute for Conservation

Acidity: A Review of Fundamentals
Harald Berndt

Investigation of Some 12th Century Chinese Papers
Harald Berndt

Passepartout: Stabilized Humidity Control Package
Victoria Blyth-Hill

Evaluation and Comparison of Commercial Mass-Deacidification Processes: Part 1: Project Planning and Selection of Materials
Helen D. Burgess
Elzbieta Kaminska

Informal Observations on 'Leather-Burn', Acidity, and Leather Lubricants
Tom Conroy

Evaluation of the State of Degradation of Dead Sea Scroll Samples Using FT-IR Spectroscopy
Michele Derrick

An Investigation of a Group of Mid-19th Century French Carpet Designs
Sarah Dove

Joint Tacketing: A Method of Board Reattachment
Robert J. Espinosa
Pamela Barrios

The Effects of Relative Humidity on Some Physical Properties of Modern Vellum: Implications for the Optimum Relative Humidity for the Display and Storage of Parchment
Eric F. Hansen
Steve N. Lee
Harry Sobel

Comparison and Evaluation of Bleaching Procedures: The Effect of Five Bleaching Methods on the Optical and Mechanical Properties of New and Aged Cotton Linter Paper Before and After Accelerated Aging
Christa Hofmann
Dianne van der Reyden
Mary T. Baker

The Ramp Mount
Holly Maxson

The Conservation of a Thirteenth Century Armenian Manuscript
J. Franklin Mowery

The Conservation of the Omenhauser Civil War Sketchbook
J. Franklin Mowery

Preservation Options for Scrapbook and Album Formats
Sherelyn Ogden

The Documentation and Treatment of a Late 13th Century Copy of Isidore of Seville's Etymologies
Abigail B. Quandt

Research Priorities and Treatment Trials in Paper Conservation
Chandra L. Reedy
Eric F. Hansen

Effect of Aging on an Aqueously Light Bleached, Mixed Pulp Paper
Terry Trosper Schaeffer
Mary Trosper Baker
Dianne van der Reyden

New Technologies From the USSR: Restoring Book Paper and Drying Water Wetted Books
Larissa B. Shapkina
Adolph A. Leonovich
Michael K. Nikitin
Maya V. Apreleva
Oleg A. Gromov
Vladislav K. Donchenko
Alexander I. Kalinin
Vladimir P. Sokolov