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Re: [ARSCLIST] Swan Records Emperors of Jazz and Don Redman sides

They appear to be part of these Emarcy records:

EP-1-6015 Dixieland Classics Vol.1 Phil Napoleon
EP-1-6016 Music From Dixie Phil Napoleon
EP-1-6017 Dixieland Classics Vol.2 Phil Napoleon

Odd format, too -- 10-inch 45RPM records.

from one of Kohji-san's pages:

session details here:

The original 78's have Tony Spargo listed as the leader but I guess Mercury decided later on to make Phil Napoleon the leader. That's what threw me off on google searching.

I'm surprised that Mosaic or someone else hasn't gathered up all these Mercury pre-history jazz sides and put them together in a box set. There was an on-going series of Emarcy LPs in the early 50's. Titles like "Boning Up on the 'Bones" and "Sax Appeal". If good source media doesn't exist in the Universal vaults, I bet the master tapes used to cut those early-LP-era reissue collections are still there. The more famous-name Mercury, Keynote and other pre-history sides have of course been reissued many times, but there were plenty of more obscure sides like the dixieland stuff and the lesser-name Bebop series and jazz series sides. Plus sent-to-DJ promotional-message sides and stuff like that. It would be a fun box set -- Prehistoric Mercury Jazz.

-- Tom Fine

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No idea about what still exists, but this Don Redman material has been issued on at least two CDs (from dubs, I presume). These are "Complementary Tracks" by Classics and "Hot Lips Page Story" by Jazz Archives.

Full details of the Emperors of Jazz recordings may be found in Ruppli's Mercury book and under Phil Napoleon's name in other jazz discographies (and a quick Google search of "dixieland classics" "phil napoleon" will also work). The sessions were April 10, 12, May 16, 17, 1946 in New York. These made it to LP on EmArcy but apparently not CD (though I see some homemade transfers being offered).


mike at jazzdiscography.com

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