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Re: [ARSCLIST] Swan Records Emperors of Jazz and Don Redman sides


At Fri, 12 Sep 2008 14:12:02 -0400,
Tom Fine wrote:
> They appear to be part of these Emarcy records:
> EP-1-6015 Dixieland Classics Vol.1 Phil Napoleon
> EP-1-6016 Music From Dixie Phil Napoleon
> EP-1-6017 Dixieland Classics Vol.2 Phil Napoleon

FYI, Mercury originally released these recordings as the followings:

10-inch LP:

  MG-25078: Dixieland Classics Vol.1 / Phil Napoleon's Emperors of Jazz
  MG-25079: Dixieland Classics Vol.2 / Phil Napoleon's Emperors of Jazz

  EmArcy MG-26008: reissue of Mercury MG-25078
  EmArcy MG-26009: reissue of Mercury MG-25079

7-inch Extended Playing 45rpm

  EmArcy EP-1-6015: Dixieland Classics Vol.1
  EmArcy EP-1-6016: Music From Dixie
  EmArcy EP-1-6017: Dixieland Classics Vol.2
  EmArcy EP-1-6018: (??? title ??? - I haven't seen this yet)

  (6015 and 6016 contains all materials from MG-26008)
  (6017 and 6018 contains all materials from MG-26009)

12-inch LP:

  EmArcy MG-36033: Dixieland Classics / Phil Napoleon's Emperors of Jazz
  (MG-36033 contains all materials from MG-26008 and MG-26009)

Mercury 10-inch LP was released first (around 1950?),
later reissued from EmArcy label (1954, 10-inch LP and EP 45rpm),
then finally as in 12-inch LP format from EmArcy (1955).

 MATSUBAYASHI, 'Shaolin' Kohji                 shaolin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Maintainer, Jazz Discography Project          shaolin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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