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[ARSCLIST] Swan Records Emperors of Jazz and Don Redman sides

Was any of this stuff issued on CD, and do the masters or metal parts still exist?

7502 - Don Redman's Orchestra - Carrie Mae Blues and Dark Glasses (vocal by Redman)
featuring Hot Lips Page, Dick Vance, Harold Johnson -trumpets; Henderson Chambers -trombone; Don Byas -tenor sax; Burnie Peacock -alto sax; Bob Wyatt -piano; Cozy Cole -drums.

7507 - Emperors of Jazz - Muskrat Ramble and Clarinet Marmalade
7508 - Emperors of Jazz - At the Jazz Band Ball and Fidgety Feet
7509 - Emperors of Jazz - Tiger Rag and Little Emperor Blues
Phil Napoleon -trumpet; Lou McGarrity -trombone; Joe Dixon -clarinet; Frank Signorelli -piano; Chuck Wayne -guitar; Felix Giobbe -bass; Tony Spargo -drums and leader.

There are other sides by both groups.

Any further info on Swan Records and where and when these sides were recorded is most appreciated.

-- Tom Fine

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