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Re: [ARSCLIST] Brunswick and Marsh Transcriptions


Thanks so much for providing the session info for those Brunswick ETs!  What
a pity that many of the sheets are missing.

I wonder if anyone has the other discs to these programs; it would be nice
to assemble complete (or near as possible) dubs.

One Marsh disc (1017/1018) does say "33 R. M. P."  The other has "R. P. M."

There are handwritten titles on them as well:

Don Russo Orchestra (written under disc number at top)
A - College Melody [sic] - No. 1
B - College Melody [sic] - No. 2
C - Dan Russo Theme

Don Russo Orchestra (written under disc number at top)
A - Rigolletto [sic]
B - You'll Get By
C - Walk, Jenny, Walk

A - Lazy River
B - Suzanne
C - Fit as a Fiddle

A - How am I Doin'
B - Mood Indigo
C - In the Dim, Dim Dawning

You know, the music ain't half bad on these!

Any idea if the Marsh discs were intended to be used to create a faux-live
band show, or are the merely "station library" discs?  I'd love to see a
complete catalog of them.


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Subject: Re: Brunswick and Marsh Transcriptions

Sammy Jones wrote:
> Apologies for the cross-posting...
I'm cross-answering so that both groups will see the answers.
> I'm looking for session info for some Brunswick and Marsh Laboratories
> transcriptions that I have gotten recently.
> Some of the Brunswick ETs have So-A-Tone labels, but not all.  Also 
> some are
> National Radio Advertising, but not all.  They are all 12" and play at 78
> rpm.
Only one of these is specifically listed in Laird.  During this era a 
lot of the sheets are missing, and some of the numbers are used out of 
> Southern Flooring Program, Program M, Part 2, XE-34825
Oct 1930.
> DeVoe & Reynolds Painters, Program E, Parts 2 & 3, OX-37359 & OX-37360
Circa Oct 20, 1931
> DeVoe & Reynolds Painters, Program C, Part 3, Wax: X-37548, Label: 37546
Might be after Dec 21, 1931 which would now be in the ARC era.
> Hearthstone Harmonists, Program A, Part 3 only, XE-34469
Sept 1930  Originally listed as Radio Sweethearts   (Mary and Jerry 
[Macy]) with Norman Brokenshire, Prog K

> Brunswick Broadcast, Program 105, "Come to the Fair," XE-31458-B
Nov 1929

> The Marsh ETs are 12" Allied Broadcast Circuit Standard Library discs
> recorded at 33 1/3 rpm, and have 3 banded selections per side.
I have been unable to find specific info of when these were recorded and 
available.  The ones I have say on the label that they are recorded at 
33 1/3 R.M.P.  Is that what yours say?  Has anyone written the titles of 
the tracks on the labels.  The ones I have seen outside of my copies 
also have the titles like mine.  My guess is 1930 or 31.
> Disc 1017, mx. 9012
> Disc 1018, mx. 9013
> Disc 1063, mx. 9057
> Disc 1064, Mx. 9058
> Thanks,
> Sammy Jones
Any chance of getting dubs of these?

Mike Biel  mbiel@xxxxxxxxx


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