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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

Tom Fine wrote:
I think with a Yahoo group, you really need a moderator. Otherwise, what kind of crap will end up in the photos and files areas? What sort of spams will get hijacked onto the list and what sort of viruses could get parked in the storage space, etc. Maybe there is some sort of bulletin board system that can "subscribe" to ARSC as a member and "send" as a member. That way, all the folks who want bulletin board instead of mail list could just surf over to that and use that and the rest of us can just stick with the mail list and no apple carts need to be upset.

However, perhaps the time and effort needed to get something like that up and working and kink-free could be spent just learning how to use the filters built into an e-mail program. And there's always that delete button.

-- Tom Fine

Posts other than messages may be permitted to all members or only to the moderator(s). Messages may be permitted, barred, or moderated on an individual basis. On my groups, I moderate each new member until a proper post is received, then allow unmoderated posts. That pretty much ensures that spammers stay out since any trying to spam us would have to get the first post past me.

It is not clear that that's the way to go for this list, but understanding the tools provided will guide any change being considered.


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