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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

I am not sure what you mean.A message board is only as complicated as those who design it want to make it.There are a lot of them with simplified,and streamlined layouts,that work fine.

is an excellent example of this.

Don Cox <doncox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: On 05/03/07, Kiwi O'Connell wrote:

> Hi Brandon
> I agree with you. In fact, most of the posts I don't even read, I just
> hit delete! I find it frustrating that these conversations are carried
> on using the list. Why can't people just email the given party
> directly? Makes sense to me and then I don't have to keep going
> through unwanted mail.

Discussions are not just between two people.

My email program shows the sender and subject of about 60 mails at a
time. It is easy to pick out the ones that look worth reading.

The great majority of web-based forums are horrible to use, with a slow
and incredibly complicated layout.

Don Cox

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                          Dave Von Kleist
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