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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

I think with a Yahoo group, you really need a moderator. Otherwise, what kind of crap will end up in the photos and files areas? What sort of spams will get hijacked onto the list and what sort of viruses could get parked in the storage space, etc. Maybe there is some sort of bulletin board system that can "subscribe" to ARSC as a member and "send" as a member. That way, all the folks who want bulletin board instead of mail list could just surf over to that and use that and the rest of us can just stick with the mail list and no apple carts need to be upset.

However, perhaps the time and effort needed to get something like that up and working and kink-free could be spent just learning how to use the filters built into an e-mail program. And there's always that delete button.

-- Tom Fine

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Angie Dickinson Mickle wrote:

As I said in my last post, Yahoo groups does. I have no idea if there are other bulletin board programs that allow it. It is something to look into. I do want to make it clear that I am in NO WAY suggesting that this group even consider becoming a group on Yahoo!!! I swear that's where my husband's computer attracts virus. I only use them as an example of a board that is both a bulletin board and an email list.

The 'owner' of a Yahoo! group can configure it so that attachments are rejected. Since infections come as attachments (unwisely opened), such a group can be safe by design.

Among the advantages of a Yahoo! group (or a similar one offered by others) is that it provides space for files, for photos, and for links. The file space was recently increased to 100 MB, ample for any need I could see for our communication here and subject to control by the owner and moderator(s). A major advantage is the search function through the archives, though admittedly that is of little value until the group has been functioning for some time.


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