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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

My impression after spending several years here is that there are TWO people who talk and talk and talk and say nothing, frequently about issues that have nothing to do with ARSC (and one of these two is far worse than the other). These people apparently feel some kind of obligation to send a message (or a dozen messages) on every single thread: one simply spouting the same trite silliness over and over (reruns - the same inanities and puns), and the other posting just a single sentence that contributes nothing to the discussion. I have filters set up to eliminate their messages from my inbox. Unfortunately, others don't and reply to them and the cycle continues.

Fix these two and 99% of the problem is solved. These people will do this whether on a message board, newsgroup, or on email unless a moderator steps in and enforces some rules.

I have no desire to see a message board. I would not visit it with any kind of regularity the way I read the daily messages now. I would very much like to see a moderated email list. I find it very disappointing that the quality level of the ARSC Journal is so high and that of this list is so low. To use an audio analogy: signal-to-noise ratio here is very low. A message board won't fix that. We need some NR in the shape of policies that are enforced, not just suggested because these two have read the guidelines, have been spoken to, and yet they simply continue and good folks drop out.


mike at jazzdiscography.com

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