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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

In a message dated 3/5/2007 2:25:57 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
kiwioconnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hi  Brandon

I agree with you.  In fact, most of the posts I don't even  read, I just hit
delete!  I find it frustrating that these  conversations are carried on using
the list.  Why can't people just  email the given party directly?  Makes
sense to me and then I don't  have to keep going through unwanted mail.

My 2 cents  worth.


Marie O'Connell
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What makes you think that you have to "keep up" with it? If you don't want  
to read something, just don't read it!
You are saying that, just because you use a mail service that forces all  
emails to be downloaded, you must deny me and any one else the opportunity to  
browse the wide range of topics that appear on these lists.
My service shows only the headings, which can be sorted by sender,  time, or 
subject. The [List] tags sort out the various  lists.  It takes a few seconds 
a day to scan the lists, of perhaps  hundreds of posts, pick a subject that 
might be of interest, then page  through all the posts on only that subject. 
Nothing is downloaded  or saved that I don't want. The rest can be deleted from 
the service  without downloading, with a single mouse click. 
On some lists I may read only one or two posts out of hundreds in a week,  
but often the ones I do pick up are of great interest. It really bothers me that 
 someone would deny access to this resource just because they don't have the  
tools to use it properly.
Mike Csontos
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