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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

On 05/03/07, Mwcpc6@xxxxxxx wrote:

> ***********************
> What makes you think that you have to "keep up" with it? If you don't
> want to read something, just don't read it!
> You are saying that, just because you use a mail service that forces
> all emails to be downloaded, you must deny me and any one else the
> opportunity to browse the wide range of topics that appear on these
> lists.
> My service shows only the headings, which can be sorted by sender,
> time, or subject. The [List] tags sort out the various lists. It takes
> a few seconds a day to scan the lists, of perhaps hundreds of posts,
> pick a subject that might be of interest, then page through all the
> posts on only that subject. Nothing is downloaded or saved that I
> don't want. The rest can be deleted from the service without
> downloading, with a single mouse click.
> On some lists I may read only one or two posts out of hundreds in a
> week, but often the ones I do pick up are of great interest. It really
> bothers me that
> someone would deny access to this resource just because they don't
> have the tools to use it properly.

Don Cox

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