BPG Publications Committee Meeting Minutes – June 2011 AIC Annual Meeting – Philadelphia PA

The following committee members attended the meeting: Jim Hinz, Walter Henry, Kate Maynor, Olivia Primanis, Amy Baker, Lynn Kidder, Christine McCarthy, Bruce Bumbarger, Evan Knight, Karen Zukor and Penley Knipe.

1) Discussion about the Annual

Jim Hinz brought us up to date on the publication schedule for Volume 29 (2010), which should be out around October. He has streamlined the process by no longer accepting late papers as it causes too many problems. "In general the publication process has been too accommodating, which doesn't really benefit anyone as it just promotes tardiness, and late papers are unfair to contributors and editors alike." Jim also said that although he would see the current (2011) Annual through to publication, he was recommending a replacement. His choice was a recent conservation graduate, Renee Wolcott, who he has worked with and who has considerable editorial and writing skills. Jim said Renee had some design experience as well. He has agreed to 'mentor' her through the 2011 Annual, so that there would be a seamless transition. The long-waited 2007 publication is due to arrive any day, and will likely be in our mailboxes a week or two after this meeting.

A thank-you card for Shannon Zachary was signed by all and is to be sent to her along with a copy of Banik and Bruckle’s Paper and Water. Shannon was not present at this meeting.

2) BPG Annual Online (Walter Henry & Amy Baker)

Volume 21 is now accessible online. Volumes 20 and 22 are close to getting online. Amy Baker is working to convert the BPG Annual printed edition files to PDFs, including converting black and white to color images. Walter Henry developed software to extract metadata from the PDFs in order to add that information to the website http://cool.conservation-us.org/coolaic/sg/bpg/annual/ Future workflow for creating online content from the print Annuals was also discussed.

3) Update on Book Conservation Catalog (Lynn Kidder & Christine McCarthy)

Lynn Kidder, Christine McCarthy, Evan Knight and Laura Bedford have revised the outline of the Book Conservation Catalog WIKI. They are working with Rachel Arenstein to learn how the Wiki software works. They continue to recruit contributors who are willing to work on the BCC, mainly through the WIKI. See Appendix 1 for Lynn Kidder's email: "Summary of Status of the BPG Wiki."

4) Electronic Publications

There was discussion about how BPG was going to address the Wiki and whether we should speak with other specialty groups to see how they were choosing to participate. Most of us were not familiar with how information got posted to the Wiki, or who was given access. A workshop during this AIC meeting will address these questions. It is to be run by Rachel Perkins Arenstein and a number of people attending the BPG-PubComm meeting were signed up to attend. Although no formal approach was adopted, there was discussion about and agreement with the idea that there still needs to be an ‘editor’ or overseer who is responsible for determining who has access to add or modify a contribution on the Wiki, although anyone will of course be able to read it (public and AIC members alike). Right now a request to become a contributor must be sent to Rachel who runs the training course (by phone).

5) Update on Paper Conservation Catalog

The updated draft of the Inpainting bibliography was put aside until the process of working with the Wiki was decided upon.

6) Volunteer coordinator

It was announced that a new volunteer coordinator was needed since Kathy Ludwig resigned from the committee.

7) Funding to Help Other Publications

Guidelines for an "American Institute of Conservation Book and Paper Specialty Group Publishing Fund" were submitted for approval. The guidelines were developed by Yasmeen Kahn and can be found in Appendix II to these minutes. They were developed following a request at the AIC 10 meeting by AIC officers to spend down reserves in the BPG treasury. Before the Guidelines could be accepted questions came up about who the BPG prefers to support – members of BPG who wish to publish or ongoing BPG Annual and Wiki expenses? There will be further discussion on this topic at the 2011 mid-winter meeting.

8) BPG Pubcomm Archive

Olivia Primanis spoke of assembling a paper archive for the committee. Walter Henry said that if we use the PubComm list for our messages they will be archived. Bruce Bumbarger recommended that all notes and records of meeting, conference calls, etc. be sent to him so that he can electronically archive them.

9) Committee Responsibilities/Continuing Participation

Kate Manor spoke of needing to find new volunteers to work on the online and Wiki version of the PCC.

Current BPG Publications Committee Members – 2011

Appendix I

Additional Information for Agenda Item #3 – "Summary of Status of the BPG Wiki"

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 13:09:15 -0400
Subject: Former Contributors to the AIC Book Conservation Catalog
June 21, 2011

Dear Former Contributor,
As you know the AIC Book Conservation Catalog began a number of years ago to develop a comprehensive resource for conservation like the Paper Conservation Catalog. When AIC received funding to format the Paper Catalog as a wiki all specialty groups were given space to create their own Catalog. Wiki publishing offers the flexibility to upload images, to create links and to edit content online. The new AIC-Book and Paper Group Book Conservation Catalog wiki can be viewed at http://www.conservatiowiki.com/index.php?title=Book_Conservation_Catalog and it contains all the content from your previous efforts. If you have a chance to take a look, we hope you will be inspired to continue to be involved.

If you would like to work with the new electronic version the BCC wiki team will arrange Wiki-user training and editor status with Rachel Arenstein of AIC. You are invited to join future BCC Wiki meetings at the Annual Meeting. We hope to hear from you soon.

The AIC-Book and Paper Group Book Conservation Catalog Wiki Team

Appendix II

Additional information for Agenda item #7 "Guidelines for American Institute of Conservation Book and Paper Specialty Group Publishing Fund"



The Book and Paper specialty group of the American Institute for Conservation provides funds towards the preparation for publication of a completed monograph on an area of interest to the Book and Paper Group. Up to $3,000 will be awarded to defray the costs of the final preparation of the monograph, such as copy-editing, indexing, and image reproduction rights. The funds for this grant are non-renewable and when the principle is depleted no more grants will be awarded.


If you choose to mail your application, five copies should be delivered to the AIC office by February 1 or September 1.

Electronic submissions are encouraged but not required. Important: you may submit your application electronically only if all of your materials (with the exception of letters of support) can be submitted electronically. Send the application form and all supporting materials in PDF (portable document format), RTF (rich text format) or Microsoft Word format. Name the files to include your last name ("smithcv.doc" or “smith.pdf”). Send the files as e-mail attachments to faicgrants@aic-faic.org. You should receive an e-mail receipt within 72 hours.

Letters of support may be submitted as email attachments to faicgrants@aic-faic.org, but must show a signature. Otherwise, letters must be mailed directly to the AIC office. All letters must be received by the deadline.

The applications will be reviewed and recommendations will be made to the FAIC board for final approval. Notification of awards will be made in mid-March and mid-October. Projects should take place six weeks to twelve months after the application deadline. Applicants must be current members of AIC.

Criteria for review

Final Report

A final report is to be submitted to the AIC office within 30 days after the project completion. Report forms are available from the AIC office.