BPG Column from the July 1998 AIC Newsletter

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Board Changes

The new Book and Paper Group officers will be Nancy Purinton, assistant chair, and Jane Klinger, assistant program chair. Alison Luxner will continue in her second year as secretary/treasurer for the group. Many thanks to Michele Hamill and Kenneth Grant who agreed to run in this year's election and for the work of the Nominating Committee headed by Walter Henry. Shannon Zachary, Nancy Ash and Faith Zieske willingly agreed to serve on the new Nominating Committee, to be headed by our out-going chair, Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler.

Report on the 1998 Program

Eleanore Stewart, program chair, and Nancy Heugh, assistant program chair, worked very hard to put together a stimulating one and a half day program for the Annual Meeting of BPG and we are very grateful for their efforts in selecting a wide range of papers, many of which complemented the disaster preparedness, response and recovery theme of the general session. Maria Grandinette and Randy Silverman, who jointly head the Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group, also deserve our congratulations in organizing a very interesting afternoon meeting which focused on the history and conservation of paperback books. The Archives Discussion Group, facilitated by Hilary Kaplan, met earlier in the week to continue their very useful discussion from the 1997 AIC meeting of issues relating to surface cleaning.

Call for Papers

This is the first call for papers for the BPG session of the 1999 AIC Annual Meeting in St. Louis. In conjunction with the Photographic Materials Group part of the program will be devoted to albums and scrapbooks. Abstracts (minimum 200 words) should be submitted by October 1st to Nancy Heugh, BPG Program Chair, P.O. Box 10408, Kansas City, MO 64171. You may contact Nancy by phone at (816)283-0660, by fax at (816)283-0740, or by e-mail at heughed@ix.netcom.com

Other Business

The BPG has recently been asked to sponsor the May 1999 issue of AIC News. This means that one or more BPG members will be responsible for writing the lead article for that issue, to be sumitted to Lisa Goldberg, editor of AIC News, by March 15, 1999.

If anyone has any ideas about topics that would be of interest to the AIC membership please contact me with your suggestions. The BPG board will be discussing plans for the proposed article in the coming months and would welcome your input, both in terms of ideas and offers to participate in the writing process! Please let us know how you think the group would be best represented in this effort. I would also like to report that Robert Espinosa, chair of the BGP Publications Committee, was invited to represent all of the specialty groups on the AIC Publications Committee, which is headed by Barbara Appelbaum. The AIC committee is working towards making some changes and improvements to all our various publications and is anxious to get input from the different specialty groups. Robert will be reporting to the BPG board about his work on the AIC committee over the next few months and we will, in turn, keep you informed about any developments that may affect the organization and/or content of our own publications.