BPG Column from the July 1997 AIC Newsletter

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Election results

The new officers will be Abigail Quandt (Assistant Chair), Alison Luxner (Secretary/Treasurer), and Nancy Heugh (Assistant Program Chair). Our sincerest thanks go to all the candidates; their willingness to serve BPG is greatly appreciated.

Call for Papers – Washington, D.C.

This is the first call for papers for BPG 1998 Annual Conference. The General Session topic is disaster response, and program planners hope that specialty group papers can expand on the theme by addressing topics of disaster recovery. As a consequence, in addition to papers of general interest to BPG members we are soliciting talks on innovative treatments used in post-disaster recovery; or summary, comparative, or historical reviews of recovery treatments. If you are giving a paper elsewhere, especially in out-of-the-way venues, please consider giving it at BPG as well. Abstracts (minimum 200 word) should be submitted to program chair, Eleanore Stewart by October 7.

Ethics Commentaries

People are needed to work on our contribution to the next round of Commentaries. This year's focus is on Practice (4 b–e) and Examination and Scientific Investigation (16–9). If you would like to work on this, get in touch with Lynn Koehnline (919)966-5736, koehnlin@email.unc.edu.

Walter Henry, Chair