Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 15 1996
The American Institute for Conservation

Exhibit Solutions at the National Archives: New Materials for Display Supports
Sarah Bertalan

Construction of Plexiglas Book Cradles
Linda A. Blaser

Update: Remoistenable Lining with Methyl Cellulose Adhesive Preparation
Irene Br�ckle

Remoistenable Tissue Part II--Variations on a Theme
Sarah S. Wagner

Board Reattachment for Circulating Collections: A Feasibility Study
Donia Conn

A Method For Making Foldable Encapsulations For Storage of Folded Objects by Carol Paulson Crawford
Carol Paulson Crawford

A Study of Visual Techniques for Identification of Watercolor Pigments
M. J. Davis

Computer Imaging Technology: The Process of Identification
Narelle Jarry

Preserving the Process: Conservation Issues in the Treatment of Cartoons and Working Drawings (Unavailable)
Daria Keynan

A Technical Investigation of Joan Mir�'s Collages of the 1920s
Erika Mosier
Anne Umland

The Use of A-D Strips for Screening Conservation and Exhibit Materials
Catherine Nicholson
Elissa M. O'Loughlin

Transparent Drafting Films: Profiles for Preservation
Susan Page

Alan Puglia

Recent Developments in the Conservation of Parchment Manuscripts
Abigail B. Quandt

Sources for Three Kinds of Weights
Abigail B. Quandt

A Yemenite Taj--A Case History in Cooperative Book Conservation
Glen Ruzicka

Observations on the Use of Bookkeeper� Deacidification Spray for the Treatment of Individual Objects
Sarah D. Stauderman
Irene Br�ckle
Judith J. Bischoff

An 'Angel Project' of Dinosaur Proportions
Heather Tennison
Dianne van der Reyden
Fei Wen Tsai
Mary Parrish

Adapting Objects Conservation Techniques to Paper: Reshaping Boxes, a Case Study
Karen Tidwell

Tip: Dry and Moist Heat Adhesive Removal Applications
Elizabeth C. Wendelin

Observations Concerning the Characteristics of Handmade Paper: The Library of Congress Endpaper Project 1996
Mary Wootton
Jesse Munn
Terry Boone Wallis

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