Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 15 1996
The American Institute for Conservation

The Use of A-D Strips for Screening Conservation and Exhibit Materials
Catherine Nicholson
Elissa M. O'Loughlin

An 'Angel Project' of Dinosaur Proportions
Heather Tennison
Dianne van der Reyden
Fei Wen Tsai
Mary Parrish

Exhibit Solutions at the National Archives: New Materials for Display Supports
Sarah Bertalan

Construction of Plexiglas Book Cradles
Linda A. Blaser

Update: Remoistenable Lining with Methyl Cellulose Adhesive Preparation
Irene Br�ckle

Remoistenable Tissue Part II--Variations on a Theme
Sarah S. Wagner

Board Reattachment for Circulating Collections: A Feasibility Study
Donia Conn

A Method For Making Foldable Encapsulations For Storage of Folded Objects by Carol Paulson Crawford
Carol Paulson Crawford

A Study of Visual Techniques for Identification of Watercolor Pigments
M. J. Davis

Computer Imaging Technology: The Process of Identification
Narelle Jarry

Preserving the Process: Conservation Issues in the Treatment of Cartoons and Working Drawings ((Unavailable))
Daria Keynan

A Technical Investigation of Joan Mir�'s Collages of the 1920s
Erika Mosier
Anne Umland

Transparent Drafting Films: Profiles for Preservation
Susan Page

Alan Puglia

Recent Developments in the Conservation of Parchment Manuscripts
Abigail B. Quandt

Sources for Three Kinds of Weights
Abigail B. Quandt

A Yemenite Taj--A Case History in Cooperative Book Conservation
Glen Ruzicka

Observations on the Use of Bookkeeper� Deacidification Spray for the Treatment of Individual Objects
Sarah D. Stauderman
Irene Br�ckle
Judith J. Bischoff

Adapting Objects Conservation Techniques to Paper: Reshaping Boxes, a Case Study
Karen Tidwell

Tip: Dry and Moist Heat Adhesive Removal Applications
Elizabeth C. Wendelin

Observations Concerning the Characteristics of Handmade Paper: The Library of Congress Endpaper Project 1996
Mary Wootton
Jesse Munn
Terry Boone Wallis

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