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Re: [AV Media Matters] RV: Preservation of Dictaphone Record

I am inclined to agree with Steven here. I do video production, very
similar to audio production and restoration in many ways. Equipment
intensive. I have on occasion faced competition from non-profits who
have state supported salaries, supplies & equipment.  They don't
have to cost justify the quotes they put out. They don't have to
make more money than they take in to survive.

But the biggest kicker for me is that they pay no taxes on their
profits. They get the best of both worlds, at both ends of the dial.
Those of us who don't enjoy exempt status give a large portion of
our profits away to pay for those who do enjoy exemption.

I am glad the moderator allowed the discussion of this subject. I
direct my comments at no individuals but at the industries in

Joe Salerno
Video Works! Is it working for you?
PO Box 273405 - Houston TX 77277-3405
Fax: 603-415-7616
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>There is another issue raided by the Dictation belt question.
>The response from NYPL implies that this work is done there for outside
>clients in competition with those of us paying unsubsidized rent, etc.
>This, it seems to me, is grossly unfair competition and, I feel, should be
>I'd appreciate hearing from others with thoughts on this matter.
>Moderators Comment:
>I am going to allow this post, but just barely. In fact if Steve had not
>added the "I'd appreciate hearing from others with thoughts on this matter."
>I would not have posted. Comments on individual situations is NOT fair game.
>I suspect that there may be other on the list that "moonlight" - how or
>where or what equipment anyone uses is not really our business on this
>list - our purpose is to discuss AV Media Matters - not competition from Non
>Profits. There are several non-profits that "compete" for business in this
>field and compete in others as well. So let us not get personal here or I
>fear I will not be able to post the comments.

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