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[AV Media Matters] New AMIA Web Site Launched

The Association of Moving Image Archivists is pleased to announce the
launch of the new AMIA web site at:


The AMIA site provides information on all aspects of AMIA, as well as
numerous resources, publications and factsheets on moving image
archiving and preservation. The site features a new look and a great
deal of new content. Features and material available for the first
time on the updated site include:

* Information on the 2000 AMIA Conference in Los Angeles, including
   the Preliminary Conference Program and local accomodations.
* Dedicated pages for all of AMIA's Committees of the Membership,
   Committees of the Board, Interest Groups, and Task Forces.
* Proceedings from the 1998 annual conference in Miami (over 30
   sessions and presentations).
* The results and recommendations of the recent AMIA Education Survey.
* A comprehensive new factsheet on "Storage Standards and Guidelines
   for Film and Videotape"
* Information on the AMIA Film Shrinkage Gauge, which is available
   for loan to AMIA members.
* AMIA's comments and recommendations on the "Revision of Archival
   Moving Image Materials: A Cataloging Manual (AMIM)."
* Complete information on the AMIA Scholarship and Fellowship
   programs, including articles on all previous recipients.
* Complete information on the Silver Light and Leab awards,
   including articles on all previous winners.
* All questions and answers (cross-linked) from the "Video Q & A"
   and "Inedits Q & A" columns from back issues of the AMIA Newsletter.
* Lists of all AMIA conference Sponsors and Vendors since 1995.

The new site is a work in progress, with certain areas still under
construction. Several new AMIA publications and resources are already
in the pipeline and will soon be available online. These include the
Cataloging & Documentation Committee's "Compendium of Cataloging
Practice," a detailed factsheet on "Education, Training and Careers
in Moving Image Preservation", and a page for AMIA's newest group,
the "Small Gauge Film Initiative Task Force."

We hope you enjoy AMIA's new online resource.

Sally Hubbard, Chair
AMIA Publications Committee

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