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Re: [ARSCLIST] Proper way to store 78s

----- Original Message ----- From: "Ying-fen Wang" <nanguanl@xxxxxxxxxx>
The reason why I asked is because I have heard that if stored vertically and
exposed to sunlight for too long, the 78s may peel off like onion. Also, the
old record storage cabinets were designed for about 10 78s to be placed
horizontally in one drawer (it would be bad for the 78s if over 10 are
stacked horizontally together). For example:

This COULD happen if they are/were "laminated" records (the
standard form of Columbia/ARC discs). Early record cabinets
were designed to store a maximum (assumed!) number of records
in a minimum amount of floor space...and VERY few folks back
then had large numbers (i.e. a hundred or so?) of phonograph
records! In fact, Victor machines came with (IIRC) 12 albums,
each with room for twelve records...or 144 all told!

I have about 55,050 78's, which I store in around 400 or so
"milk boxes" (the plastic boxes in which dairy products are
shipped and wholesaled!). These are all stored vertically,
in label-then-number order. The only unfortunate incidents
I have experienced came about through partially-filled milk
boxes...which allowed records to "fall over," often causing
them to impact the "handle area" of their milk box, which
causes a pair of "edge bites" at around +15 and -15 degrees!

Steven C. Barr

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