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[ARSCLIST] Some assorted NTSC video gear available for pickup

I have some sundy pieces of NTSC video gear I'm planning to toss. If you come get it within a reasonable timeframe (I understand it's the dead of winter and I can be somewhat flexible), it's yours -- but I ask that you take it all away and then toss whatever you don't want.

A partial list:

1. JVC studio/portable camera with power supply box. Compsite NTSC output on camera. Big cable to power supply box included.

2. a few assorted camera cables and I think at least one power supply.

3. a video distribution amp rack. I believe each amp is 1x4 and there are 3 in the rack unit. Plus one spare unit and a service module-extender board.

4. several old-school patchbays that use the old screw-on connectors like CB antennas. I think they're known as UHF connectors.

5. I think there is one or more NTSC video switchers in the pile.

6. also a Sony camera that went with their portable Beta recorder. Beta machine not included; perhaps it has parts for other Sony cameras or can be jerry-rigged to work on its own for surveillence or other purposes.

7. there are other items. Bring an empty box or two and we'll dig them out at the storage locker.

I'll dumpster this stuff in a month or two if no one is interested. I do not want to hold it very long, I'm trying to clear space.

Please ping off-list if interested.

-- Tom Fine

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