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[ARSCLIST] seeking recordings of technologies (URGENTLY!)

hi all,

i am currently seeking recordings of sound recording / playback / processing equipment for a short electroacoustic composition and would be grateful for any contributions.

sound files can be sent directly if relatively small, or please upload to an ftp server or online file storage service, e.g.:
http://savefile.com (individual files up to 60M)

please respond privately to:
<mailto:jef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?Subject=recordings of technologies (contribution)>


examples of the types of sounds needed include the equipment being started, opened, closed, turned on/off and just the sound of them running:
- phonographs
- tape machines
- cassette players (home/studio versions, walkmans, portable cassette recorders)
- CD players / recorders
- minidisc recorders
- high-quality field recording equipment
- computer sounds (being started up, using keyboard / mouse, CD tray opening)
- etc. etc. etc.


- any length
- mono or stereo
- preferably at least 44.1 kHz/16-bit
- little or no background noise (but other related equipment could be ok, e.g. a studio environment).

please provide a bit of descriptive info about the equipment recorded (wherever possible):
- make / model
- year of manufacture
- what is recorded (CD tray opening; squeaking guide on reel-to-reel during playback; pressing stop button...)

- all persons whose sounds i will use will be recognized wherever appropriate
- all persons whose sounds i will use will receive a copy of the work

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